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Low GI(Glycemic Index) Noodles
Latest company case about Low GI(Glycemic Index)  Noodles

Application of high amylose in food field

The US FDA has made it clear that high amylose is one of the preferred raw materials for the production of functional foods, and the human test rating for controlling blood glucose and improving diabetes is grade C. High amylose corn resistant starch is one of the high-quality raw materials for the production of low sugar food, weight management food and high dietary fiber food.

High amylose corn starch has high dietary fiber content, low actual calories, slow digestion speed, strong palatability and prebiotics effect. It solves the problem of continuous damage of gastrointestinal system. At the same time, it also has the advantages of good hydrophobicity, long shelf life, low expansion coefficient, brittleness and strong taste.

As a standardized and large-scale supply of resistant starch RS2, high amylose corn starch has outstanding value in low sugar, weight management and high dietary fiber products, with good taste, high process adaptability and low production cost.

Baked goods are commonly used at home, but conventional low GI baked goods, high sugar, high calorie and other problems can not meet the needs of specific people. Whole grain and crude fiber foods are unpalatable, difficult to digest and cause continuous damage to the gastrointestinal system.

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Low GI(Glycemic Index) Noodles

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