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New batch of high amylose starch in 2022

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New batch of high amylose starch in 2022
Latest company news about New batch of high amylose starch in 2022

IEITG strengthens the construction of the supply chain system, strictly manages and controls the industrial chain, ensures reliable product quality, sufficient functional capabilities, and stable prices, and has been recognized by many big brand customers. The export business covers Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and gradually sells to the Americas .
In 2022, the first batch of high-amylose corn starch will be produced with more than 2,000 tons of materials at one time. In order to meet the requirements of large-scale purchase customers, some 500-kg ton bags are produced to reduce logistics packaging costs.
IEITG continues to use a predictable supply chain business strategy to stably and reliably guarantee the stability of raw materials to customers and achieve open supply. Customers are requested to purchase with confidence.

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